FiRENT - Helpful rental agency

FiRENT is a car rental chain established in Finland in July 2012. Despite its newness, one of FiRENT's strength is the decade-long experience of domestic car rental. The will to operate in a more customer-oriented manner and with more quality, together with the ability to always provide the customers with some interesting offers, are our innovators.

We believe that a wholly domestic system which knows Finnish conditions and the needs of the customers, is the right format for serving the customers in a way that they really feel they are getting value for their money. We strongly believe that we can stand out with great service, flexibility and local know-how.

At every FiRENT agency there is a friendly staff serving you, and you will get a pleasant experience from your rental. We in fact want you to come back to us. FiRENT isn't the biggest rental agency in Finland. We are the right size, which you can see in excellent service, flexibility and quality.

We stand out. We serve. We are flexible.

FiRENT - The right size