On this page you will find answers to the most common questions we have been asked. If you do not find the answer here, you can contact us at info@firent.fi or directly at the office where you can find contact details by clicking here.

Can I rent a car by cash / invoice?
Unfortunately, we cannot rent a car in cash. We require a credit card for the payment instrument, which at the same time serves as a security for our car during the rental period. Billing is only possible for corporate customers (limited liability companies), for whom we have opened a customer relationship (requires credit checks and a certain risk category).

What is a deposit and why is it done?
A deposit is a cover reservation made to the customer's card while driving the car. It is not a charge, but a reservation of a certain amount on a credit card. Advance verification is due to additional charges (extra days, parking charges, missing fuel, extra kilometers, damage, etc.) detected during the return. The pre-approval is canceled after the car has been returned after we have checked the condition of the car.

Do I need to have a driving license when I pick up a rental car?
The driver's license must always be included when picking up the car. Under Finnish law, the car hire company is obliged to check the driver's license and the driving license is the only way to do so. For this reason, we are also unable to accept photocopies / photos of the license.

Can I drive a rental car abroad?
The use of a car outside Finland is prohibited. In certain cases, a car can be granted an export license to Sweden and Norway. The export license costs 50,00eur / rent. The customer must always contact the pick-up point before making a reservation and ask for permission. Permission cannot be granted during the rental or post-clearance. The customer is also responsible for any environmental, ferry, bridge, tunnel and other charges levied on cars registered in Finland in Sweden and Norway.

Can I be sure that I get just the brand of car I have reserved?
On our website and on the pages of our partners we have mentioned the example cars found in our fleet. Unfortunately, we are not always able to guarantee the exact same brand / model of car that is mentioned in your reservation as the car models / brands vary by location. If you have made a reservation and want to know what kind of car you want or want to make a sign / model wish, please contact the office directly.

Where can I find the contact information for your offices?
You can find the contact details of all our offices on our website by clicking on the offices.

What kind of tires are in your cars in the winter?
All our cars are equipped with winter tires 1.12. - 31.3. between.

What do I do if the car breaks down during the rental?
In case of a breakdown / fault in the car, the customer must immediately contact the FiRENT roadside service (+358 600-550713). Roadside Assistance helps 24 hours nationwide and, if necessary, arrange the necessary assistance with towing / substitute cars on site.

I am already booking stage entered my information, why they asked again when you pick up the car?
Once the reservation is made through our own website (www.firent.fi), the information you enter will be transferred directly to the office and will not be asked again. If the reservation is made through another booking channel, we do not receive your name, except for other information, due to security regulations. That is why our office has to ask them again.

I've just turned 18 and got the driving license. Can I rent a car from you?
Unfortunately you can't. We require a 21-year-old renter / driver and at least one year of driving experience.

What kind of insurance is in the car?
All our cars are covered by traffic and cascade insurance. The deductible varies between 1500-200eur / damage depending on the car category you choose and the insurance package. For more information on insurance policies, please refer to your booking confirmation or contact the office.
Please note that if you have purchased additional insurance from a third party (credit card company, broker, etc.), we will charge you for damages within the deductible limits and apply for compensation yourself from the party that issued the insurance.
Also note that additional insurance does not always cover, for example, chassis damage, tires, windshields, or damage caused when the car has been driven off-road or if the driver has failed to exercise due care.

What to do if I miss my car reserved pick-up time?
Delays occur to all of us and are not always avoidable. However, if you find that you are unable to pick up your car at the scheduled time, it is a good idea to inform the office. Doing so will save everyone's time while ensuring that the car is delivered at your convenience, without unnecessary stress / waiting. If you notice Meet & Greet on your booking confirmation or on our website, you know that the check-out point you are about to pick up is not occupied at all times and by informing you in advance of your delay we can quarantee your pickup without delays. Our staff usually wait 30min after your reservation time. After that we have the right to sell the car again if customer does not inform us about the delay. If you are arriving on a flight pls make sure that your flightnumber is in your reservation so in case of delay we can track your flight!

Car refueling
We hand over the cars to the customer when refueled, in which case the customer must also return the car when refueled. Refueling must be done at the nearest refueling point. If the car is refueled, for example, 20km before the return point, the rental company has the right to charge the customer for the missing fuel. The correct fuel quality for your car is specified in the rental agreement, car key chain, sticker on the test board / fuel hatch. If the customer returns the car without refueling, we will charge the missing fuel according to the price list shown in the rental agreement.

Car cleanliness
In order to provide each of our renters with a pleasurable driving experience, all our cars are cleaned after each rental. However, please note that it is the renter's responsibility to take care not to smoke, transport pets or otherwise mess up the upholstery / car. We will charge the renter for the extra cleaning costs.