U Haul / Removal van/truck rental

Did you know, that with FiRENT vans and U Hauls moving from one place to another happens leisurely and at a really affordable cost?

We have a very large selection of tidy vehicles of different size for removals, with which you can move even as far as the pepper grows! And price is no obstacle. You see, we have prized our vans so that you relocate your furniture at cheapest for 40 €. This is well suited for a short removal distance. And even if you are moving to another locality inside Finland, you will save a considerable amount of money, when you take advantage of our extra affordable weekend offer. If you move for instance from Rovaniemi to Helsinki, you will get a van in the afternoon when you return it to the pick up place for only 220 €!

The flexibily of our operation even makes it possible for you to leave the car practically at any locality. FiRENT One Direction package helps you avoid unnecessary and time consuming driving. Easy, isn't it?

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FiRENT U Haul - The right price and the right size