Autoleasing / Car leasing

FiRENT Leasing is often the most sensible alternative for your car needs!

If you need a car for 1-3 years, it pays to get to know about FiRENT Flexileasing alternatives. You get access to a car for specifically your needs, and its budgeting and management won't give you any grey hair. You can anticipate precisely what the costs to your car will be.

FiRENT Flexileasing makes it possible to change cars in the middle of the contract period. If your situation changes and you suddenly need a bigger car, eg a station wagon, it doesn't cause any problems for a Flexileasing client. We will change the car to suit your needs in the middle of the contract period. As a Flexileasing client, you will get a special discount on short term leases from all FiRENT rental agencies throughout the contract period.


FiRENT Minileasing is a marvellously easy and economical way to take care of eg a temporary need of a company car. Effortless, affordable and clear cut. No hidden costs. Request an offer.

By making a Minileasing contract eg for one month, you will get a car at appr. 40-60% discount compared to ordinary short term pricing. There is a fixed fee for the whole contract period which covers everything else but the fuel.

This kind of effortless and easy service and car usage can only be offered by the newest domestic, FiRENT. The smallest car rental chain in Finland... So far.

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